Expo: the Future is LED?

Anja Kanngieser July 16, 2010

anja kanngieser

Would this have appeared in Tesla's vision of the future at the 1893 Worlds Fair?

Shanghai's Expo is selling itself as performing a future of carbon reduction, partially through an embrace of alternative and 'green' electricities and power.


In March 1916, Nikola Tesla published an article in The Electrical Experimenter entitled 'The Utilization of the Sun's Energy'. He closed his article with the comment:


Whether we shall ever have an efficient solar boiler and engine is a problem worth thinking about and a very interesting one at that, as we possess no greater source of natural energy, to be had without taxation or special leases from some money-grabbing coal, oil or other baron, than that of the sun. Some day we may be able to derive all necessary light and power, for our homes at least, by means of a solar-electric plant located on the roof, and who shall say that we must be taxed for utilizing such energy?