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Listening as a Method for ‘Knowing’

Anja Kanngieser June 14, 2012

Katie Hepworth

Sound mapping Sector V and Rajarhat

Anja Kanngieser

The sounds of a place reveal much of its conditions. By listening to a place we get a sense of the complex and shifting terrains that make up its unfoldings, the sudden flashes of activity, the lulls, the transversals of animate and inanimate beings. Listening closely allows us to hear for its topologies – those continuous tones and harmonics that hum throughout moments, events and passages as they articulate themselves. Through concerted listening we are able to encounter sound as a way of ‘knowing’, as an acoustemology.

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Tracking and tracing bodies

Anja Kanngieser December 06, 2011


New technologies of governance, labour and the logistics industries.

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Shanghai Mappings

Anja Kanngieser July 05, 2011


"Projecting Collaborative Futures: Imaginaries for a Micropolitics of Networks", facilitated by Anja Kanngieser and Manuela Zechner undertook a series of mappings with young creative workers as part of the "New Media Workers Across Asia and Europe" during July 2010. The following is a partial documentation of this dialogic mapping method.

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Anja Kanngieser & Manuela Zechner Interview

Anja Kanngieser September 06, 2010

Shanghai, 11 June 2010. The Future Archive is a project based around collaborations with various organizers, who were not all present at this event - see for details.

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