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Monitoring particles and populations

Mauricio Corbalan September 14, 2010

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Monitoring Particles and Populations: Expo-Urbanism and the Rise of Eco-Governance Regimes

Mauricio Corbalan and Soenke Zehle


These notes are the provisional outcome of several conversations we shared during our stay at Shanghai in June/July 2010 and were developed through many online meetings after that. While there, we made alternatively two fieldtrips: one to the recently open World Expo and another to the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center. The management of the expo as a didactical urban enclave and the control of its environmental conditions by agreements with translocal agencies, were a subtle coincidence to begin to explore what we are calling 'regimes of eco-governance'.

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Mauricio Corbalan Interview with Brett Neilson

Mauricio Corbalan September 06, 2010

Shanghai, 11 July 2010

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