Transit Labour #2

Kernow Craig January 16, 2011

Kernow Craig

When jurisdiction can no longer be aligned with territory and governance does not necessarily assume liberalism, there is a need to rethink the relations between labour, mobility and space. Bringing together researchers from different parts of the world to discuss and pursue various paths of investigation and collaboration, the Shanghai Transit Labour Research Platform moved between online and offline worlds. Sometimes sequestered in seminar spaces and at other times negotiating the city and the regulatory environment, the participants drifted toward a collective enunciation. We could say this was about the
production of new kinds of labouring subjectivities that build connections between domains which are at once becoming more irreconcilable and more indistinct: life and work, public and private, political and economic, natural and cultural.


Download a PDF of the Transit Labour Digest #2 here:
transit_labour-digest_2-web.pdf (2.8 MB)





From Flows of Cult ure to the Circuits of Logistics: Borders, Regions, Labour in Transit, Brett Neilson, Ned Rossiter and Soenke Zehle / From Statistical to Logistical Populations, Stefano Harney / Baoshan Electronics Market, Shveta Sarda / Future functions: aspiration, desire and futures, Anja Kanngieser and Manuela Zechner ( / My Trip to Santa’s Workshop, Chen Hangfeng / Locating Displacement: Envisioning the Complex ‘Diasporization’ of Contemporary Chinese Art, Paul Gladston / Shanghai: City of Ot her People’s Dreams, Justin O’Connor and Gu Xin / Monitoring Particles and Populations: Expo-Urbanism and the Rise of Eco-Governance Regimes, Mauricio Corbalan and Soenke Zehle / Shanghai Expo: seeing the world in small, Tim Winter / Shanghai’s State of the Creative Arts: At the Opening of the Rockbund Art Museum, Geert Lovink / Guijing migrant village, Brett Neilson / Between Centre and Periphery, Sandro Mezzadra / On the City’s Edge, Anna Greenspan