Transit Labour Kolkata Platform Schedule

From: September 01, 2011 To: September 10, 2011

Ned Rossiter

Transit Labour Kolkata Platform


1-10 September 2011

31 August: Arrivals



1 September


10.00-13.00: Visit to Sector 5, walk around areas surrounding Wipro, Cognizant and Tata Consultancy Services (accompanied by Ishita Dey)


15.30-17.30: Discussion at Calcutta Research Group office (Mainak Biswas will show his film Sthaniyo Sangbad to the team. Barun De will be the moderator.)



2 September


10.00-13.00: Visit to Rajarhat, enter via Sector 5, stop at key sites for discussions with Suhit and Ishita (Pradip Kumar Bose will accompany the team)


15.30-17.30: Discussion at CRG office (Nilotpal Datta and his co-workers from the Rajarhat Jami Bachao Committee will be there for the discussion.)



3 September


10.00-14.00: Visit to Bhangar, return via Rajarhat passing by Vedic Village, stop at key sites for discussions. (Rajat Kanti Sur and Agnibho Gangopadhyay will accompany the team)


15.30-17.30: Discussion at CRG office (Keya Dasgupta and members of Nagarik Mancha will be the discussants)



4 September: Rest (river boat trip)



5 September


10.00-15.00: Visit to West End (Kolkata International Logistics City, Kolkata West International City), return via port and visit e-waste sites (Khidirpur and Chandni Chawk). (Samaresh Guchait and Ishita Dey will accompany the team)



6 September: Transit Labour Workshop 9.30-5.30


Venue: Swabhumi Heritage Plaza (details in follow up posting)



7 September: Round Table on Part Eight of Capital, Vol. 1 ‘So-Called Primitive Accumulation’ (Chapters 26-33) 17.00-19.00


Venue: Conference Room, Pearl Hotel


Chair: Pradip Kumar Bose


Participants: Ranabir Samaddar, Sandro Mezzadra, Brett Neilson


40 minute presentation (each for 10 minutes), followed by 80 minutes of discussion


Followed by conference opening dinner



8-10 September: 4th Critical Studies Conference – Development, Logistics, Governance


Venue: Academy of Fine Arts